Dar Al-Noor Project

Seminary Parking Lot Project Name: Dar Al-Noor
Role: General Contractor
Location: Manassas, VA
Completion Date: August, 2013
  Description: Tyson’s Construction undertook this particular project with tight budgets. The Project Scope of Work including but not Limited to – Furnish & Install VDOT 21-A Stone Base, Grade & Compact, Mill old Asphalt, Installation of Surface Asphalt Mix SM 9.5 – A, Hoadly Road Right Turn Lane Construction Involved Installation of the Stone Base, Grading the Stone Base with Motor Grader, Installation of Base Asphalt Mix BM 25.0, Milling of entire one whole lane to Tie in with the New Right Turn Lane, Installation of Surface Asphalt Mix SM 9.5 – D, and Pavement Marking Services in the Parking Lot & The Road Construction. We provided “Financing to the owners as they are a non profit so it’s solely based on the money they raised to make the payments. This Project was completed with “No” Safety Issues / Violations.

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Completed Project

Project Name: Arlington Primaries and Interstate Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Repairs
Project Number: VDOT Project No. D19C-000-750, N501
VDOT Order No. R-88
Role: Subcontractor
Location: Various Location, Arlington County
Estimated Completion Date: November, 2012
Description: Tyson's Construction Scope of Work Includes but not limited to: Outlet Pipe Replacement, Std. Curb CG-2, Curb 8", Std. Combination Curb & Gutter CG-6, CG-12 Detectable Warning Surface, Saw cut H.C.C. Items, Removal of Sidewalk and Entrance, Removal of Combination Curb & Gutter, Geotextile Drainage Fabric, Aggregate Material No. 25 or 26, Coarse Aggregate No. 8, Cement Concrete Sidewalk, 6" Pipe Underdrain, Group 2 Channelizing Devices, Class A3 Concrete, And Arrow Boards.