Tyson's Construction LLC


Tyson’s Construction offers variety of services to our Residential Clients including but not limited to; we can perform any and all aspects of Asphalt Paving. Please see some of our services and contact us to better assist your needs.

  1. Stone, dirt, or new driveway
    • Furnish & Install Aggregate Base of Stone – Rock (crush & run stone)
    • Install Hot Asphalt Topping, Roll & Compact
  2. Existing driveway
    • Remove Areas that are necessary for proper placement of Asphalt
    • Apply liquid tar tack coat to existing surface
    • Then Install Surface Mix Hot Asphalt and Roll & Compact
  3. Replace existing driveway
    • If existing driveway is un-reparable we will remove driveway
    • Re-grade underlying base
    • Furnish & Install Crush and Run Stone as needed for proper base, Roll and Compact
    • Apply Liquid Tar Tack Coat
    • Repave with Surface Mix Hot Asphalt, Roll & Compact to finish.
  4. Surface Patch driveway
    • If existing driveway has pot holes, cracks, etc. and is repairable.
    • Remove loose broken asphalt; make sure there is a proper base underneath.
    • Apply Liquid Tar Tack Coat to surface to be patched.
    • Place Hot Mix Asphalt feathering patch to existing surface.
  5. Saw Cut Patch driveway
    • Saw cut and remove area that need to be patched.
    • Repair and make sure there is a proper base underneath.
    • Lay two to three inches of hot mix asphalt and compact to match levels of surrounding areas. (Walkway, garage, etc...)
  6. Seal Coat driveway
    • Edge driveway remove dirt and debris by blowing clean
    • Fill cracks with a crack filler
  7. Driveways Expansion
    • Remove Dirt & Grade
    • Furnish & Install Stone Base
    • Apply Tack coat
    • Place Surface Mix Hot Asphalt, Roll & Compact to finish
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