Wethersfield Cluster Association

Wethersfield Cluster Association Project Name: Wethersfield Cluster Association
Role: General Contractor
Location: Reston, VA
Completion Date: June, 2013
  Description: Tyson’s Construction undertook this project with tight budgets. The Project Scope of Work including but not Limited to – Demolition of the Curb & Gutter, Sidewalk Improvements, Milling, Clean-Up & Haul-Away, Apply Tack Coat, Installation of Surface Asphalt Mix SM 9.5 - A , and Pavement Marking. We provided financing for some of our projects for this particular project we provided financing of 6 Months after the completion of the project to make the final payment with “ZERO % INTEREST”. This project is getting a lot of praise by the homeowners as well as the associations around Reston. This Project was completed with “No” Safety Issues / Violations.

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Completed Project

Project Name: Arlington Primaries and Interstate Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Repairs
Project Number: VDOT Project No. D19C-000-750, N501
VDOT Order No. R-88
Role: Subcontractor
Location: Various Location, Arlington County
Estimated Completion Date: November, 2012
Description: Tyson's Construction Scope of Work Includes but not limited to: Outlet Pipe Replacement, Std. Curb CG-2, Curb 8", Std. Combination Curb & Gutter CG-6, CG-12 Detectable Warning Surface, Saw cut H.C.C. Items, Removal of Sidewalk and Entrance, Removal of Combination Curb & Gutter, Geotextile Drainage Fabric, Aggregate Material No. 25 or 26, Coarse Aggregate No. 8, Cement Concrete Sidewalk, 6" Pipe Underdrain, Group 2 Channelizing Devices, Class A3 Concrete, And Arrow Boards.